Ancient Mariner 2022 Survey

Dear MPBC Members,

As you may know, MPBC holds an annual club ride every June called the Ancient Mariner and we have locked in Saturday, June 18th for our event this year. In order to finalize our plans for this year, we would like your input on the two options shown below. In short, do you want to go back to the old way with the train and truck or continue with the circular route? Our reason for asking is to assess your comfort level with the option of the train and truck and also to see if the higher cost is of interest or if people prefer the circular routes.

Ancient Mariner Survey

Route Option A

  • Circular Route from 3 train stations to/from Westhampton Beach.
  • Pricing $10 for early signup & $15 after June 10th.

Route Option B

  • Traditional one-way ride to Montauk with the train and truck coming back.
  • Pricing $45 for early signup, $50 after June 10th & $75 the day of the event
Please note that the higher price for the day of the event is mainly due to the cost of the truck and the train ticket is not guaranteed. Train tickets for those who purchase on the day of the event are only while supplies last and then riders will need to get their own ticket.
Please Choose a Route Option