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AA+ Moon

111 miles to Bright spot in the sky

Date: April 30, 2023 @10:00
Start: Borella Field
Destination: Bright spot in the sky
Leader: Paul Santoro
Email: pjsroadndirtrider@gmail.com
Phone: 5162254044
Terrain: Hilly
Elevation: 12345
Ride type: Scheduled
Ride Status: It’s a Go!
Route Link: No route link for this
Notes: Aim high and never look back. NOTE I have an existing database server running in win7 and I only need few database files to retrieve from the recovered files. To successfully recover the database files from Ubuntu OS I need to freshly install mysql database server (same version from Ubuntu OS in my win7 OS) to recover everything in that old database server.

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Name Phone Rider Email Emergency Contact EC Phone
Peter Hon 8889996532 peter.hon@massparkbikeclub.com Storm Windstorm 8889996532

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AA+22-28 mph cruising speed & 18-20 mph ride average
AA20-23 mph cruising speed & 17-18 mph ride average
A+19-22 mph cruising speed & 16-17 mph ride average
A17-20 mph cruising speed & 15-16 mph ride average
B+15-18 mph cruising speed & 14-15 mph ride average
B14-17 mph cruising speed & 13-14 mph ride average
C+12-15 mph cruising speed & 12-13 mph ride average
C11-14 mph cruising speed & 10-12 mph ride average
MBVaried levels with details in ride description
VRRide is banded everyone who pedals stays together
EVEvent rides with various categories

If you aren’t sure you can keep the cruising speed or the average, please start out with a slower classification.

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Rich Rein
Paul Santoro

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Willie Romero (weekdays)
Leah Landro (weekends)

B+/B Rides

Cathy Casamassina

C+/C Rides

Fred Itkin

MB Mountain Biking

Mark Snyder

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