COVID-19 Ride Restrictions

MPBC has Started Group Rides – Restrictions Apply

The MPBC Board has actively discussed how we can begin to hold sanctioned club rides once again in light of the global pandemic we are all dealing with.  With that in mind, we have decided to open up our ride calendar in time for sanctioned rides beginning as early as Friday July 3rd.  These rides will be tightly controlled by the following restrictions.

  1. Rides are for MPBC 2020/2021 Club members only. 
    • All MPBC Ride leaders should email Alan Sherman our membership chairperson at and he will send them a current membership list.
    • Please note that we will definitely need more ride leaders for this to work so anyone even thinking about leading a small ride is strongly encouraged to reach out to Alan and any board member if they have questions or concerns.
  2. MPBC will only allow small sanctioned rides with a maximum of 6-8 riders including the leader.  
    • The ride leader has full discretion to decrease the number of riders allowed on their ride based on their comfort level but at no time will we allow or approve a ride with more than 8 riders.
  3. Leaders must post their rides with their email address on the MPBC calendar 48 hours or more in advance to be approved.
    • Ride posts should clearly state the number of riders allowed on this ride and their individual deadline for signing up for the ride.
    • Ride leaders should NOT post the route so we can prevent people from joining the ride in progress.
  4. Riders must sign up by emailing the ride leader no later than 24 hours before the ride (First come, First Served).
    • The ride leader has full discretion if they wish to relax this 24 hour window or expand it based on their availability to plan a ride.
    • Riders must email the leader with the following information or their request will not be approved
      • Their name
      • Their email address
      • Their contact number
      • Their emergency contact number
    • Ride leaders will verify membership before accepting any rider for a ride.
  5. Do not show up for a ride unless the ride leader has replied to your email saying you are on the list for this ride.
  6. Ride leaders will verify the list in the lot.  No last minute substitutions.
  7. No joining the group in progress if you did not pre-register with the leader.
  8. No show and go MPBC sanctioned rides.
  9. Do not show up if you are feeling ill in any way or if anyone in your family or who you recently had contact with is known to be ill. 
  10. Do not show up if you have traveled outside the Tri-State area and have not been home quarantined for at least 14 days and you are symptom free.
  11. Riders must have a mask + hand sanitizer and gloves.
  12. Cyclists should ride in a single file and at least 2 bike lengths apart, whenever possible. Close-up pace-lining is not permitted.
  13. If possible and safe, ride two abreast and then space out the riders in each pace-line.
  14. Proper social distancing of at least 6 feet must be maintained at the start and at all times during the ride, including rest stops, red lights, stop signs, “mechanical” stops, etc.; where this is not possible, face coverings (masks, Buffs, neck gaiters, etc.) must be worn and “up”.